My Story

So grateful you are here reading this! My name is Jennifer Fournier (Parsons) and I am the Goddess that crafts all the blends at Sacred Scents. I am Irish, Cree and English. I was born in Calgary and raised in the lower mainland of BC. I was very fortunate to be raised in a blended family, both sides with very different worldly views.  My exposure to essential oils and their benefits started at a young age and then faded into the background. After our mom passed in January 2000, time seemed to stand still. It wasn’t until in my late 20’s early 30’s that I started to recognize that I was carrying childhood trauma and it was manifesting itself in dis-ease. Emotionally, physically and mentally I was living the effects of inter-generational trauma. With the support of my family and my husband the real work began. Recognizing that trauma had affected my entire existence, I have had to work continuously on my healing with an open heart and mind to create the life I want. Incorporating essential oils into my daily life is part of that healing and my wellness journey. Every blend crafted with love by me to help you achieve wellness of body and mind. I am honored to be here, right now in this space and look forward to having you walk this path with me. You can heal your life. You are powerful. You are love. You deserve the best.

Much love,